Setelah menempuh pelbagai dugaan dalam memantapkan prestasi motosikal sendiri, akhirnya aku telah memiliki sebuah jentera yang mampu mengeluarkan kuasa yang sepadan dengan jisim injin dan namanya. Terbukti perjalanan ini perlukan kecekalan. Aku tiada kawan sebagai teman berbual mengenai motosikal. Semua perkara terpaksa difikirkan sendiri. Namun bagiku ianya berbaloi kerana aku dapat menimba pengalaman daripada kesilapan. Banyak wang telah aku habiskan semata-mata untuk mendapatkan prestasi injin yang memuaskan. Aku bukan kaki lumba, aku hanyalah pemuda yang mahukan keseronokan tertinggi dalam menunggang motosikal! Bagi aku motor biar nampak standard tapi memiliki prestasi yang dapat membanggakan pemiliknya di lebuhraya. NKAMRI

Don't do like this..

Look carefully at this piston (not the black/dirt part). This piston had been touched by some 'fcukin' foreman near my hometown. I was shocked looked at his works. But it was too late at that time because i was stupid, rookie. He said that nothing will happen, he just want to prevent the valve from hitting the piston. It's hard for me to say "to hell with his lying" at that time, and i just agree with his statement. What happen later? My RM300 spent on this 'fcukin' modification was sucks. No improvement. It was same as i'm using straight pipe exhaust. Top speed sucks! 6 month later i went to the same workshop and they said it was too late to check the bike and they can't do nothing because the foreman resign already. The worse part is, they said that i'm lying about the date that i do the modification overthere. After that i'm straight away move my butt and wipe my footprints and start find the other workshop nearby. When they open the block, they said like this, "Who made this kind of modification? This is not modification but damaging the bike". The block was leaking and thank to god it was discovered early. Fcuk! Start from that time, i said to myself and my friends; "To hell with NS SPEED". This workshop located at Jalan Rasah, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. They just know how to install the part, but they have zero knowledge in modification! Plus almost all the foreman there was "kampung". I'm not afraid to said this because it was true and always true. If you "owner of the workshop" read what i'm writing here, I'm ready to say that i am confidence to challenge any of your stupid creation with 135 machine for standard modified bike (carb,exhaust,block,clutch). How bout that boss? Hit me a call 016-2525848 and set the date! I'll send my best creation and instead to place a bet like burn/crash loser's bike..

Second Hand Part

Hallo brother, good new to all the rider. Second hand 60MM Racing Block (Y1-2) to 'letgo'. Without piston, only block, tip-top condition, use for 6 month only. RM80.00/neg. Hurry up if you're lucky it will come with Hi-Performance Camshaft.

Yamaha 135LC Racing Block [SOLD]

SIZE: 60mm | PRICE: RM80/neg | CONTACT: 016-2525848 (Amri)

Limited Stocks Nowadays!! Yamaha Thailand Genuine Racing Part. Guarantee!